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Ms. Rose

Ms. Roses Theraplace

I leaving a raving review for Courtney because she has been taking care of my social media account and I couldn't be happier.

She has a mix of being able to create really appealing posts and writing captions. In addition, understanding OT language, and thats really hard to come by. She's very personable, kind patient and she also works within the timelines. She is really organized as well so it is a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend hiring her for your social media!

Kevin Simmons

(The Singing SLP)

"The Social-OT, Courtney has been so helpful for my progression in the social media world.

She has been able to help me with my target audience, has alway been in contact with me, direct messaging, just providing tools. Her screener to shows what kind of posts are helpful, what hashtags to use, and content to post. She's been there for me and has had my back. Courtney is so helpful and I know that she is going to continue to grow as she has helped my business to grow.

I would give her follows, like subscribes to all of her stuff because she's got some good things coming!"

" I received a social media audit from the Social-OT and she provided insight on stats, posting stats, as well as insights who my target audience is. I also received tips on how to change my BIO to make it more attractive, tips for content and what type of content to post.

Im so appreciative of her time and her efforts to help me grow my business. I would highly recommend receiving a social media audit from Social-OT"

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